Walks in the Dales

The best scenic walks in the Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales are famous for being one of the UK’s outstanding areas of natural beauty which is why so many people flock to this part of the country each year. The Dales are known for offering spectacular views and for playing host to the stone walls that can be seen across the landscape. With pretty and scenic features such as Kilnsey Crag and Malham Cove on offer, it would be hard to visit the Yorkshire Dales without falling in love with what you see.

Each of the Dales has its own particular unique selling point and has its very own character to get to know and there are several rivers such as the Wharfe and Swale to enjoy both in the summer and the winter. If you are looking to visit the Yorkshire Dales this year, rest assured that there is more than enough for you and your travel party to enjoy while you are here and lots of quaint and picturesque accommodation type too! Just be sure that if you are visiting the Yorkshire Dales from another European destination, you bring your EHIC card with you.

Malham Tarn

If you are looking to take on the highest lake in England then you will most certainly want to visit Malham Tarn. Situated along the National Trusty route, you will be able to walk across some of the very best and most impressive scenery in the area. Because Malham Tarn is situated 1200 feet above sea level you will be impressed by the wide variety of plants and geology in the surrounding area.

Bolton Abbey -> Grassington

If you are looking for a long distance journey to partake in while visiting the Dales, then the journey from Bolton Abbey to Grassington is going to be perfect for you. You begin at Bolton Priory at the site of the stunning ruins of the 12th century monastery on the banks of the river and then make your way along the road all the way to Grassington National Park Centre. You will pass along a river, over bridges and woodland areas and be able to soak up the views of the gorgeous little villages along the way. There are plenty of facilities such as toilets, cafes and pubs that you can make the most of along the way too!

Aysgarth Woods

If you have ever watched the famous Kevin Costner scene in the film ‘Robin Hood the Prince of Thieves’ then this part of the Yorkshire Dales will most certainly seem familiar to you. The area also features some lovely waterfalls that are particularly exciting to see during the wetter times of the year (which in the UK can be at any time of the year really!). The area is perfect for meandering walks and if you are lucky you will also be able to spot some of the local wildlife in the region that can be found here in abundance.


One of the prettiest walks in the Yorkshire Dales is one that is made up of eight miles and surrounds two reservoirs, Swinsty and Fewston. This walk allows for plenty of bird watching opportunities and is home to lots of woodland habitat too- great for keeping your little ones entertained and educated about nature at the same time.