Lake Discoveries

The Lake District is famous for its lakes and walking the shorelines of the lakes is definitely one of the areas greatest pleasures. However lake shores can be privately owned and heading out can be a frustrating experience; particularly if the only option is to walk a few 100 yards from the lake on a tarmac road. Beware. The walks I have chosen clearly avoid this (except in some small doses) and they reflect the lakes at their very best. The walks may be quite long, they may involve a boat trip to increase the pleasures (Ullswater and Derwentwater being particular cases in point) and they may not even be on the shores of a lake! The larger tarns are really just lakes, up in the fells a bit, but many such as Easedale and Styhead/Sprinkling offer popular walks in their own right and well worth the little bit of extra effort to reach.

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