Walking Holidays in the UK

We offer a planning and booking service for our 6 most popular Long Distance Walks and also a Tailor Made Holiday Service for those want to discuss and plan something a little different.


Tailor Made Service


Dales Way


A Dales High Way


Bracken Way in the Dales


Cumbria Way


Coast To Coast


Cleveland Way


If you would like to read some of my own thoughts on taking on a long distance walking challenge just click here

Our Long Distance Walking Holidays include the following:

  • Expert advice on planning your walking holiday
  • An accommodation booking service
  • New maps of the area you are walking through (O/S 1.25,000 Explorer series) with the route clearly marked .
  • Extra information on key route finding decisions, what to look out for (often short detours off the route) and best places to eat & drink
  • Emergency contact details
  • A baggage movement service (optional) where your bags are moved daily to your next accommodation
  • Please contact us at info@where2walk.co.uk for further details.


  1. Fran Kniebel says:


    When I lived in England (born in York 1946), there was a 40-mile walk across the North Yorkshire Moors. It was called the Lykewake Walk. We started the walk in Ravenscar on the coast, and finished in Osmotherly. Is that still up and running? It was a grueling walk, but I made it! And I have a badge to prove it. I think all the members of the group I walked with are dead now. I’m 71 years old and still kicking! My walking endeavors these days are 2 miles on flat ground, but I’m still upright. I was hoping to get back to England this summer, but I am battling cancer. Maybe next year.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I believe you may be thinking of Eden camp near Malton

  3. Patrick Seymour-Smith says:

    Hi, I hope you can help me in a specific quest. I recall visiting a chapel built by Italian PoWs in something like an a WW2 Nissen Hut, the location of which might well be in the Wolds Way general area. Does this ring any bells with you at all please.
    Thanks for your timr.
    Kind regards.

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