Sunny days are here – hopefully

Until the jet stream decides to resume normal service and move up to the Shetlands and beyond we are going to be stuck with the wettest summer of all time (update, it just has!); it is no good whinging we simply need to make the best of it. For those who have booked their holiday in Britain already for the summer it looks inevitable that there will be some wet days, for those who have their eyes on weekend breaks much the same whilst anyone after day trips will be scouring the weather forecast to pick what is looking the best bet and gambling the met office have not got it wrong.

However we still have to make best of the weather we have kindly been given this year. To be fair there is almost always a high proportion of rain during the summer and that is acceptable – picking and choosing the right days to walk is always one of the challenges on a British holiday. Even this year the visitors who have stayed at Blease Garth, our cottage in Threlkeld have all had a thoroughly enjoyable time – maybe being in a cottage is the best bet for a summer holiday when staying indoors for the day is not too much of a chore. They have also said that the met office often paint a more gloomy picture than the reality – at least part of a so called wet day is usually nice enough to get out and about.

To me however the key to a holiday in ‘mixed’ weather is not to become too hacked off with it and think of some of the more positive things about about walking in the rain.

  • It can only get better
  • You do not have to carry as much water
  • Easy decision take the rain jacket, no dithering
  • The pubs are excellent in both the Dales & the Lakes
  • No sunburn, flies  or blokes in shorts
  • Justifies buying the expensive wet weather gear
  • Good range of ‘mine was worse than yours’ stories
  • The streams and waterfalls look spectacular
  • Discounts in shops and accommodation are more widely available
  • The after walk satisfaction is so much greater

Finally if you want to avoid the rain try holidaying in the far north of Scotland – when we were in Ullapool a few weeks back (have a look at Mist’s blog) they were claiming no rain for 2 months and certainly the hillsides were bone dry.


Despite the weather people are still taking holidays in the Dales & the Lakes and we have found that many would like us to suggest holidays that are most appropriate for them based on roughly where they would like to go, their walking ability and the type of places they would like to stay. With our knowledge and expertise on the areas and contacts with some of the best places to stay in the area we have been able to book their holidays for them. If you would be interested in our Tailor Made holidays simply click here and the service is explained in more detail.


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