Welcome to Where2walk

So what am I doing with this where2walk thing? I left work in May (it was compulsory!) and decided to put in to action something I have long wanted to do; a website with the best walks in the Lakes and Dales with my own personal take on them. It has been a labour of love, the weather has been great and the walking excellent. I have revisited many of my favourite areas and discovered new ones. Mostly the walks have been in the Yorkshire Dales, it is nearer where I live, but the family are holidaying in the Lakes for quite a while during the summer holidays so that should even them up. I have done 65 walks so far, the latest a misty, late evening ascent of Whernside avoiding the 3 Peaks crowd although the next few days are a bit of a write off weather wise.

One more thing, the full list of walks I am looking at completing is not finalised, there are still about 20 in each area to get me to a 100. Any suggestions on good walks I have missed out are welcome. Every one has their favourites.