10 Top Tips

  1. The most difficult bit of navigation is on the summit. Take care to start off correctly from the cairn
  2. Always take time to look back. It will constantly surprise you how far you have gone and make you feel much better about what is ahead
  3. Do not be put off by looking outside in bad weather. It is rarely as bad outside as it looks and there is every chance things will improve. The worst decision is to stay put
  4. It is better to have an ‘Objective’ on a walk. Whether this is a summit, a site or simply completing a prepared walk satisfaction is always increased
  5. The temptation is not to look at the compass and in particular the map sufficiently on a walk
  6. There is nothing wrong in walking on your own, Wainwright as an example always preferred to. Not so much fun in the pub afterwards though.
  7. Take time to learn about the area you are walking in, particularly the history
  8. Paths are excellent on our fells but do not worry about leaving them and changing your planned route for something of interest or even a preferred route
  9. Mist is friendly, heavy cloud and rain are not
  10. Do not be pressured in to wearing walking boots. A good ‘trainer’ with a foot bed is easier on the foot in most conditions. Boots come in to their own in wet, off the path winter conditions, especially prevalent in Scotland.