A Day on the Langdales

November 7, 2014

Mainly there are good days on the fells, sometimes they can be disappointing but every now and again you enjoy a particularly special day. Myself and Mist enjoyed one last week in near perfect Autumn conditions.

We set off from Dungeon Ghyll, took on the Band and then returned via the Crinkles, a classic circuit but not overly strenuous (although the boulders on the Crinkles made for some awkward and slippy steps). However this is not about the walk itself (you can find more about that by clicking here) but really a display of photos that I was fortunate to take when the light was so good. Mist features in most of them. It is her blog but I have cheated and added a few where she is not in.

Mist and the Langdale Pikes
Backdrop of Pike O Stickle

One further point to the day concerned the search for Jasper, the missing border collie. We walked on the Wednesday when Jasper had been missing for 3 days and kept a sharp eye out for him but I had suspected (knowing Mist pretty well) that he would probably stick close to where Adam, his pack leader, had last seen him, up near Broad Crag and not venture over far towards the Langdales.

I was absolutely delighted to see Adam reunited with Jasper on Wednesday night, great credit to Geoff Horky (I have shared navigation training days with him at the LDNP and he is a truly top performer) and of course the Wasdale MRT. Well done to all and so pleased for Jasper and Adam.

Getting impatient at Stool End
Mist at Stool End

Mist on the Band
Mist on the Band
Looking towards the Scafells
Over 3 Tarns towards the Scafells
Resting after lunch
Mist resting after lunch
Three Tarns
Lunar landscape of the Crinkles
Scafell Range
The Scafell range
Waiting for the slow one
Mist waiting for the slow ones
Over to the Coniston range
Coniston range
Sun dropping on the Crinkles
Looking back over the Crinkles


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