A walk in the Howgills

February 16, 2016

Its about time the master got his act together. After weeks and weeks of complaining that it was too wet/too misty/too muddy we at last got out on a proper walk.

It was great (the master used other adjectives which were nice words he never seems to use on me) but a bit nippy on the paws.

The only problem was we did not sop enough for snacks…apparently it was too cold!

Here is the day in pictures although he has added a couple which do not feature me….which is very strange.

The climb up Winder, didn’t seem steep to me

Near Winder

Good views he said, I thought lets get moving

Near 1st summit Winder

Poised for action….this way?

Mist on the Howgills

Come on, stop being so slow

Mist hurrying us up

Now we have stopped, where’s the grub

Summit Calders

He said this was the highest point….so what

Summit of the Calf

‘Admiring the view’ but whats the point

Watching the view

Not really at my best but he looked worse

Hurrying to catch up

Surely we should do this every day

The walk to come on the Howgills ridge


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