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April 12, 2020

There has been a lot written about walking outdoors during the current Coronavirus. Much of it is serious and reliable, some of it sensationalist and unreliable. I do not want to go into the politics too much except to re-iterate the government rules.

However I would like to talk a little about what Where2walk are up to.

The Rules from the government

Kingsdale to Whernside
  • Take exercise outside once a day. Best is walking/running/cycling
  • Do not travel to exercise
  • Keep your distance from others whilst outside.
  • That all seems perfectly simple and fair. Lets stick to it. It may change (for better or worse). I must admit this is much easier for me to do when there is superb walks from the door of my village than most who live in towns and cities. It must be galling for those being preached at on social media by those in the lovely villages to stay away and walk the streets where you live. However for the present it is best and I do hope that before too long some relaxation of the rules will happen.
  • For the moment though stay put.

The situation at Where2walk

Blencathra in Spring

We will lose business this summer, both from the walking holidays we sell and courses we run. This is a combination of people cancelling existing ones, or deferring the date or simply not booking. At the present time we are falling in to a financial loop hole which means there is no help but lets be patient and wait and see on that one.

However we will still be here when things improve and hopefully better for it. In fact there are certain areas in the business that can be done that to be honest I have put off a little over the past few years

A New Website


Where2walk is celebrating its 10th Anniversary on May 1st!!!

It also means the website is 10 years old. Over the winter months myself and Andy, the web developer, have been working on a new website. Here is the result. I hope you like it!

In essence it has been modernised with many new features, better navigation and more of a focus on mobiles (over 50% of people look at the website on mobile phones) and photography. We have even looked through the content of the 500 or so day walks presently on the site and added information to them including Navigation Tips and a Walks Time Calculator.

However the principles behind the site have not. We believe in providing as much information as possible for people to visit our outdoors and walk the walks. We hope to entice new people to walk the area and help provide the skills for people to do it enjoyably, in safety and with an understanding of the lovely landscape they are walking in.

On Line Courses

West Ridge of Slioch

I would like to add map and compass courses to the website as an online training facility. Whether this would be an interactive on line lesson at a specific time or courses people can dip in to when they want I am a little undecided. Maybe both. The technical s are my difficulty! As ever.

I would like to add 4 or 5 courses:

  • Basic Map work/Understanding a Map/Using a map (may be two)
  • Planning a Walk/getting the most out of a walk
  • Compasses, when to use them/how to use them
  • Advanced compass skills

A You Tube Channel

Stainforth Falls

Something we have been thinking about for a while is the use of video . Lets be honest anyone between the ages of 15 and 25 probably spend more time watching videos on You Tube than watching TV. Certainly my two daughters do.

The You Tube walking channels for walkers are not great at present. Along with Debbie, Andy and Wayne I hope to improve on this in the coming year (or whenever we are allowed out). Obviously the scope for outside videos is limited at present but not so in the future. The exception is the excellent video on climbing Aconcagua from my nephew James. just Google Aconcagua and his comes up first. I think I will be getting a few tips. We will be adding the extended videos to the website.

What can you do to help

Church at Cautley

Over the next couple of months I would ask you to look at the following possibilities:

  • Buy vouchers for future courses. I intend to add more Navigation Courses later in the year. Do keep an eye out for the dates and buy vouchers for future courses in the meantime, whether for yourself or a friend
  • Buy one of our 3 books:
    • The Dales 30. The increasingly popular challenge of climbing the 30 mountains in the Yorkshire and Cumbrian Dales
    • The Top 500 Summits. A superb hard back book detailing the highest 500 summits across Britain and Ireland.
    • Yorkshire 3 Peaks. The popular challenge walk is embellished with many fascinating interesting insights and anecdotes.
  • Join one of our on line courses
  • Subscribe to our newsletter

In Summary

Ennerdale Water

Walking is going to become much more relevant in the future (both in the aftermath of Coronavirus but also further forward). The need to escape the confinement of home will grow. The importance on mental and physical well being is well documented by experts who know a lot more about these things than I do.

Keep safe, keep indoors but start dreaming about the future outdoors.

Enjoy your walking (when you can)


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  • Rae Levine says:

    Hello Jonathan,
    I like the new website and appreciate the information. I would also be delighted to take a map reading course online if you decide to do that and at a time that wouldn’t require being awake in the middle of the night in Seattle. These days so many things are being done using Zoom … it’s very easy to set up.
    Hoping to walk in your area this fall.
    Best, Rae
    Seattle, Washington USA

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