Stunning Dog Walks in the UK

Have you found yourself pulling your hair out trying to find the perfect location for a holiday where your pooch can actually come with you? Is googling ‘e111 renew card’ getting a little boring? Now, we’re hardly going to tell you not to stick with it – Europe is a stunning place, after all – but what we can do in the meantime is give you a few stunning dog-walking locations to keep you going until that all important trip is finally organised! So without further ado, here are our top picks for the most stunning dog walking locations in the UK.

Hardraw Force, The Yorkshire Dales

If you’re looking for something a little special to do with your pup, a walk by Hardraw force is ideal. This stunning 100 foot single-drop waterfall is the highest in England and can be found through the back of a pub at the end of a quiet area of woodland – yes, through the back of a pub. There’s a nominal fee of £2 to get there, but it is more than worth it for the calm, quiet walk and the stunning views at the end. The walk can be short, however, so if you have a companion who likes something a little longer, why not take a wander through to Hawes? There are countless gorgeous locations around this area, so why not take a wander and see where you end up?

Dick Turpin and The Source of Eden, The Yorkshire Dales

For a touch of history for your dog walk, why not take a trip along to Hell Gill? Legend has it that Dick Turpin leapt off of the dramatic gorge here to escape the law, and of course, the law did not follow. Then again, with the deep drop and 5-foot leap, we can hardly blame them! This is the highlight of the walk, with stunning dramatic views, stone walls and a beautiful bridge to give you the picture-perfect location. Add the River Eden’s source to your walk and you can have something a little longer and more original!

Styhead and Sprinkling Tarn, Lake District

Styhead Beck is easily one of the most visually stunning stretches of water in the whole of the UK and despite how cold the water is, it at least looks good. With stunning colours all the way up through the twin valleys, this isn’t a walk to be missed. Sprinkling Tarn is just as good of a location to visit, even if Styhead is a little more on the famous side, so why not see both? They’re close enough to each other to walk from one to the other, and make a wonderful circular walk for you and your dog.

Dales of Kirkbymoorside, North York Moors

The walking country around Kirkbymoorside certainly makes for a surprise, but one that is more than worthy of being recognised. Still, its lesser-known trails make for a quieter walk and a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere to enjoy on your walk. Kirk Dale in particular is perfect for beech woodland beside a river that has since run dry. With the church of St Gregory perfectly places in the views too, you can enjoy the view while your beloved dog enjoys the long walk! The villages of Gillamoor and Fadmoor add another idyllic charm to the walk – or you could stop by any of the pubs for a quick refreshment!

The UK truly is full of all kinds of dog-walking trails, some easier on the legs than others, but all are just as stunning as the last if you know where to look. Wherever you decide to go this year, make sure you take your dog with you – after all, they are man’s best friend, and what’s better than travelling with your best friend?