Booking Conditions 2024

  • How to Book

1.1   For Private Parties booking are confirmed on receipt of a non-refundable deposit (or full payment) and a completed Booking Form. Without both the form and payment there is no contract. If you book less than 6 weeks prior to the start of the course/holiday full payment must be made to enter in to the contract. Full payment is due 6 weeks prior to the course/holiday starting.

1.2   When you make a booking you (as party leader) will have deemed to have agreed to the following conditions; you and all people on the booking are suitable fit for the activity and acknowledge and accept the hazards and risks associated with outdoor activities (see section 2) and that you or anyone else on the booking do not suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions or disability that may prevent them from actively participating in the activity.  It is up to the Group Leader/Organizer to ensure these conditions are met.

1.3   U18: Activities, courses and holidays cannot be run/booked for anyone under the age of 18 unless they are accompanied by a parent or appointed responsible adult. Parents or suitably responsible adults must ensure that the children comply with all instructions given, are suitably equipped for the activity and responsible for their actions.

  • Acknowledgement of Risk

2.1   Your booking is based on your acceptance of the risk inherent in outdoor activities. Our activities take place in a wild environment and may involve hazards including rough and/or steep terrain, bad weather, water hazards and other people/animals.  Such hazards may carry a risk of injury or death. Whilst we ensure that all activities are as safe as possible, all clients must take sensible precautions to minimise any risk to themselves.

2.2    An outdoor Risk Assessment is available via Where2walk for any activity carried out. If you would like a copy please contact Where2walk. This Risk Assessment is not route specific but includes most (but not all) of the risks in walking in outdoor activities. 

2.3   These booking conditions must be passed to all members of the party by the group leader to ensure their full understanding of the risks and responsibilities involved.

  • Client Obligations

3.1   On all activity booked through Where2walk it is your (the party leader) responsibility to ensure that you (and your party) are suitably equipped, adequately fit and experienced to undertake the activity that you are booking. You must inform us in advance of any medical conditions, allergies and/or special requirements, dietary or otherwise that could affect your participation in any activity.

3.2   The client accepts that Where2walk and its associates shall not be responsible for loss or damage to property, injury, illness or loss of life or consequential damage for any reason whatsoever.

3.3    On Self-Guided holidays the itinerary has been set based on information supplied by the client and a knowledge of the local area. If conditions change (such as adverse weather) or the client is not able to complete the walk then it is the clients responsibility to seek other arrangements. 

3.4    On all Self-Guided holidays you must be able to read and follow a map (we will send you a 1.25,000 Ordnance Survey map of the route or similar) or in some cases a guide book (also supplied by Where2walk). Any notes supplied in addition are simply to aid your route finding and supply substance to the route. Self-guided walking holidays are not suitable for anyone who cannot read and follow a map.

3.5     Dogs are included in any activity at your own risk and we ask you to act responsibly near livestock and keep your dog always under close control.

3.6    On guided walks Where2walk will use suitably competent and experienced guides. The decision of the guide will be final on all matters regarding the activity on the day of the walk. The guide reserves the right to exclude any member of the party who goes against the guide’s instructions on the day concerning the safety of the individual and/or party. If any individual creates a nuisance or annoys other members of the party they may also be excluded from the party.

3.7   The client accepts that any photography, video taken during an activity by a representative of Where2walk can be used by Where2walk (only) for publicity purposes.  

  • Insurance

4.1     We strongly recommend that you purchase adequate personal insurance to cover you for your activity. The cover should offer peace of mind for problems with delays and cancellations for travel, accommodation and the activity itself as well as personal injury, illness or theft of any equipment.

4.2      You should note that many travel insurance policies exclude cover for outdoor/sporting activities so do check the details of your own cover very carefully.

  • If we Change or Cancel your booking

5.1     Whilst we will always do our best to ensure that activities go ahead as advertised, we reserve the right to make any changes to circumstances beyond our control. If we make a change which involves additional expenditure by you have the right to cancel with a full refund of monies so far paid.

5.2      If Where2walk have a course which does not meet the minimum required numbers we have the right to book you on another mutually agreeable course or offer a full refund.

5.3     On self-guided walking holidays we reserve the right to change an accommodation arrangement that is not under our control ie: an accommodation closes, is found to be unsuitable or has refused to take our booking. 

5.4      Where2walk cannot accept any responsibility for cancellations (at any times) through situations of Force Majeure; war, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, pandemics, adverse weather conditions, unsuitable conditions or any such conditions outside our control. Even then we will endeavour to find you a suitable alternative date.

5.5      Where2walk are not responsible for any additional expenditure related to the holiday/outdoor course occurred by the client such as accommodation or transport arrangements.

5.6 If Where2walk has to cancel a holiday/course/guiding activity due to government guidelines specifically to Covid 19 we will retain any monies already paid unless the law from the government states otherwise.

  • If you Change/Amend your booking

6.1       If you make an amendment to an existing booking (say a date change/name change) we will do our best to help but it may be construed as a cancellation.

  • If you Cancel your booking

7.1      If you wish to cancel your booking for any reason you must inform us via email and ensure it has been received. Your date of cancellation is on the date we receive the instruction. Cancellation fees will apply, based on a percentage of the full price and are detailed below:

7.2       30 days or more before the start date; retention of non-refundable deposit

             29 days or less before the start date; 100% of the cost of the activity.

7.3       We strongly advise you to take out appropriate travel insurance at the time of making the booking, to mitigate against any losses due to cancellations.

  • Baggage Transfers (Self-Guided Holidays)

8.1     Your bags will be moved between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm. We are unable to guarantee the exact time.

8.2      The number of bags that you have booked in will be detailed on the itinerary. If you have extra bags please let us know prior to travel and you will be charged for them (between £12 and £15 per journey/leg)

8.3      Bags must weigh no more than 20 kilos.  If our courier deems the bag to be over this weight they will charge for a 2nd bag and the cost will be passed to yourselves.

8.4      We use a 3rd party baggage operator and they ask that you do not leave valuable and damageable items such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other electronic and other easy breakable equipment.

8.5      Bags will be left in secure surroundings or in a place recommended by the accommodation you are staying in. If we are unable to deliver the bag for any reason (ie: bad weather, accommodation supplier not available) we will reunite you with your bag at the earliest possible time.

  • Accommodation (Self-Guided Holidays)

9.1      When we book accommodation on your behalf we act only as your agent. Our responsibility ends when we have confirmed the rooms as requested. We are not involved in the day to day running of any of the properties and therefore not liable for the quality of service received. Any complaints must be addressed to the accommodation proprietors. We have made every effort to establish that the properties we list provide a suitable service.  We are pleased to hear about any accommodation that fails to meet appropriate standards of service.

9.2      It may not be always possible to put large parties in the same accommodation and may be split. However we will endeavour to limit this as much as possible and attempt to make the second accommodation as close to the first as possible. This is most likely over bank holidays or popular holiday weekends.

9.3      Our prices include breakfast unless stated differently on the itinerary. Costs of evening meals (where provided on the premises) are not included in our quotation.

9.4      We will confirm your accommodation 4 to 6 weeks before arrival. We are unable to do so before this date.

9.5      If we are unable to secure accommodation on or within walking distance of the chosen route we will arrange for taxi transport from the accommodation to the route.

  • Your Walking Guide or Instructor (if used)

10.1     All bookings are made on the basis that clients will strictly observe any safety instructions given by the guide/instructor. If you choose to ignore the safety instructions given you do so at your own risk.

10.2     As a group you must keep together and not leave the group. If you do, and without the permission of the guide, you do so at your own risk. Do remember the party does go at the pace of the slowest member of the party.

10.3      Instructors may cut short any given walk if a member of the party is not, in the guide’s opinion, capable of completing the walk to the satisfaction of the guide or endangers them or any member of the party.

10.4      We reserve the right to change any activity whilst it is underway if, in the guide/instructors judgement this is in the best interest of the group. We also reserve the right to alter an itinerary for any reason that we deem important and will endeavour to inform the customer as soon as possible

10.5     The guide may on occasion take photographs of members of the group on the activity. These will only be used in conjunction with any promotion for Where2walk and no other 3rd Party. Do let us know at the start of the activity if you do not want your photo taken.

  • Complaints

In the unlikely event of any problems or complaint these should be brought to our attention as soon as possible.

  • Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and all personal information is stored in accordance with our privacy policy. No personal information will be passed on for any reason except to those organising your activity.                         

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