Christmas gifts for walkers (not socks)

December 5, 2012

Ultimately a keen walker or climber is very similar to anyone else at Christmas, they look forward to the few presents that they get and hope that within these few presents there may be something that is relevant to their interest, in this case the great outdoors. A good Christmas present is something that can remind them of the pleasures of being out and about, something that the walker and climber can enjoy whilst being inside and quite frankly this is not a pair of walking socks (however practically useful this may be.

A Walking Book or a simple Map

In most cases when we receive a present about walking or climbing it is a book, maybe the latest themed Wainwright book, Julia Bradbury or simply one with a nice set of photography to get lost in. I have my favourites already but there is so much choice out there I tend to just browse away. Even buying your loved one (or a friend)  a map may seem inadequate  but is often enough to keep them happy for hours as they pour over some new route, dreaming of the next big walk etc:… or that may be just me though!

A Print of the Lakes or Scotland

However if you are after something that is a little different but will be memorable how about a high quality photograph taken in the Lake District or the Highlands of Scotland? Where2walk now features an exclusive selection of prints taken by professional landscape photographer Wayne Dentith. Whether of Glencoe or Derwentwater, Haystacks or Plockton the images are powerful and thought provoking. Just click here to see the gallery, a great gift for any fan of the outdoors.

A Set of Yorkshire Dales mugs

For the lover of the Yorkshire Dales, Where2walk now has its own exclusively designed set of Yorkshire Dales mugs, beautifully crafted to represent 6 of the major Dales. Together they make a perfect family of mugs and a memorable gift for those with a hankering for the Dales. My favourite is Swaledale but it would be because the silhouette of my border collie Mist features prominantly. To view the full set and how to optain them (or even an individual one) click here

This new Walkers shop is a means to enable Where2walk to carry on the work of encouraging visitors to visit our special walking country in the North of England and Scotland, more visitors mean more income for local businesses and more protection and awareness of our upland countryside.


However there is nothing like ‘getting out there’ during the Christmas & New Year break or one of the short winter weekends (short on the walk, longer in the pub) particularly on a clear day. Any snow on the ground or on the hills is a bonus (do take care though if there is snow up high, it is beautiful but can be dangerous for the unprepared). Pretty much all the walks featured in Where2walk can be done in winter so just look up the area you would like to go to and enjoy!


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