Coast to Coast walk – the other way

November 3, 2010


Last Friday I staggered in to a gale swept St Bees and sloshed my weary feet in the Irish Sea. The Coast to Coast walk had taken me 9 days, which roughly equates to over 20 miles a day and at a very rough calculation 23,000 foot of climbing. Already the pain is receeding and the rose tinted spectacles being put on; I am looking back on the walk with increasing affection and despite vowing to never go on another long distance walk again my eyes are being drawn to Hadrian’s Wall, the Pennine Way and Offa’s Dyke. There is no denying the Coast to Coast is a superb walk; the contrasting scenery day by day reflecting all that is good about this country whilst the varying weather somehow adds to the entire experience. For me fairly benign weather over the Yorkshire Moors became stunning in Swaledale but a gradual breakdown from Kirkby Stephen brought storms and weather warnings to my Lake District crossing. I have no regrets travelling East to West (the Other Way), it fitted in to meeting people much better, but somehow I did feel I was walking against the grain, not just the prevailing westerly, but something more intangible. However I would not have liked to face the storms of the Lake District early in the walk,(bad weather in the Lakes has finished a number of Coast to Coasters), but I, at least, felt that the end of the walk was nigh when the rain was battering me across the valleys.

I have loaded some of my photos on to flickr and they can be found here and in the next couple of weeks will add the full story, my thoughts on Long Distance walks (this is my second after the Southern Upland Way), how I planned it and the pain that I went through! Find this under Walking Challenges, Coast to Coast.

If in doubt though, do it, the satisfaction is immense!

  • Jonathan says:

    I am afraid there is no guide to the ‘Other Way’ I walked it east to west because I felt it was aesthetically better but along with the relevent maps (it doesnt matter which way you walk with maps) I just read the Wainwright guide back to fronyt…mainly for his anecdotes and I enjoy his style of reading.

  • Helen Newman says:

    I would like to buy the ‘coast to coast walking guide – the other way’, which ends up in The Lake District. However I cannot fine a way of ordering it on line. Please advise.
    Thank you.
    H Newman

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