A walking holiday in Cambodia

Learn all about some lovely spots throughout Cambodia that are perfect for walking and hiking, and find out about the visa required to get there.

A walking holiday in Cambodia: tips and visa

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia full of beauty. From breathtakingly beautiful national parks to historic sites such as Angkor Wat, and interesting cities throughout, Cambodia has something for everyone. Cambodia is also an ideal destination for lovers of an active holiday (think hiking or walking). To travel there, you need a Cambodia visa, which fortunately can be easily applied for online.

Rural areas and unspoilt nature

Although Cambodia is mainly known for historical sites such as Angkor Wat, there is a lot of natural beauty to be found. Cambodia has a great deal of pristine nature, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature and discover many of its wonders.

Those who prefer to explore a part of the country that is still very authentic and where nature is still untouched should visit Mondulkiri Province. This province is located in the east of the country, far from the capital Phnom Penh and the famous Angkor Wat, so it is not very touristy yet. It is both the largest and the least populated province of Cambodia. There are many hiking trails in this province, for example through the jungle, along beautiful waterfalls and rivers. There is also a large population of elephants in this region.

Of course, when trekking off the beaten path, having a guide might be a nice idea. Especially if the hike requires more than a few days of walking. Paths such as a Mondulkiri Hiking Trail. This particular walk not only includes spotting the aforementioned waterfalls and rivers, but also some interaction with rescued elephants in their natural habitat. The guides on trips like these are usually local tribesmen with experience in their native areas.  On a hiking holiday in Cambodia, it is also possible to come into contact with the local people, which can be a fun and captivating experience.

National Parks

 Cambodia has several national parks, of which Bokum Sakor Nation Park is the largest. A national park that is not too far from the Mondulkiri province and is equally suitable for those who want to enjoy some pristine nature is the Virachey National Park.

Those who want to experience both the hustle and bustle of the capital and the tranquillity of nature can easily do so by combining a stay in Phnom Penh with a visit to the Kirirom National Park. This national park is only 112 km from the capital and has a large number of hiking trails. Another national park not too far from the capital and Kirirom National Park is Kep National Park. This park encompasses a small mountain range with trails that offer stunning views of Phu Quoc and is therefore very popular with tourists.

Other national parks in Cambodia worth visiting are Botum Sakor, Ream and Preah Monivong. As the Cambodia visa validity period allows for a maximum stay of 30 consecutive days, it is quite possible to visit several national parks.

Historical places

Also for lovers of history, Cambodia has a lot to offer. The country has a large number of beautiful temples. Of course, a visit to the world-famous temple complex Angkor Wat is a must, but also other temples offer opportunities for a beautiful walk. Immerse yourself in history while walking between the temples. Apart from Angkor Wat, many other temples can be visited during a trip to Cambodia, such as Beng Mealea, Koh Ker, Bayon, Angkor Thom, Pre Rup, Banteay Srei or Phnom Krom, to name but a few.

Preparing for a trip to Cambodia

Whether you are travelling for a holiday, a stay in the capital, a visit to temples or national parks, or for an active walking holiday, you need a Cambodia visa. Fortunately, the Cambodia visa can, in most cases, be applied for quickly and easily online. It is not necessary to go to the embassy or consulate as the application procedure is done entirely online. All you need to do is fill in the online application form, check your details, make payment and provide the necessary documents.

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