Hot Weather Mist

July 28, 2019

In the past few days, temperatures have soared around the country to 38.1 degrees in Cambridge. While us here in the Yorkshire Dales weren’t quite that warm, we’ve hit the early 30s recently, resulting in some hot and sticky days.

As you can see above, Mist, and Bracken before her, have always enjoyed a bit of a sunbathe and beachtime. Perfect for getting sandy and salty and then getting it all over the house and the car! Both dogs have been found chasing the sun across the front room floor and sunning themselves in the garden in summer. However, dogs can quickly become uncomfortable in heat, much more quickly than humans. So I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks for keeping your dog cool through summer, demonstrated by Bracken and Mist.

Being left in the car’s no fun

Instead, let them enjoy a swim, or just a float around if they’re getting on in years like Bracken here!

(Of course, some dogs may enjoy this more than others!)

Find water whereever you can, whatever it takes. Here’s us using a shoe to give Mist a drink on the beach several years ago.

Avoid hot black tarmac. Instead, go on a grassy walk. You’ll both enjoy it more!

Allow your dog to find a nice shady spot for when it all gets too much!

Last year, Mist even went on a summer holiday to France with us in a campervan and didn’t she love it! She could get under everyone’s feet in the campervan and knew where everyone in the ‘pack’ was at all times. She was also possibly the softest she’s ever been due to constant dunking in whatever water we could find.

Hope everyone enjoys their sunny days as much as Mist!

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