Glaramara in Borrowdale

  • Best views of the Borrowdale valley
  • A rugged climb typifying the terrain of the Lake District
  • The name reflects the beauty of the scene

2,560ft. I have always been attracted to Glaramara; in part due to the beauty of the name but also to the fact that it’s nobbly outline is so easily accessible from the road at Borrowdale. The name is from Old Norse and literally translated comes out as ” The mountain with the Shieling (mountain hut) by a ravine”. It is a proper rugged mountain that displays good views to the bigger hills to the south but it is the view back north that captivates. Looking towards Derwentwater and Skiddaw is as good as anything in the Lakes and becomes better as the ridge gets higher.

The ridge itself is full of interest, not sharp but rugged until it breaks out on to a large plateau below the final summit pull. The walk deteriorates in the last mile but the summit stones (from where the name Glaramara come from) is a good spot. It is the cairn to the north east of the 3 points which marks the high point. To return the same way or even down Comb Gill is a little bit of a waste, my suggestion is to head south west towards Rosthwaite Fell and the pretty little Tarn at Leaves.

I have a personal affinity with Glaramara as I chose it for ‘my Wainwright hill’ in 2004 to celebrate the great writer’s 50th anniversary of his first published book.

Recommend. The ridge beyond Glaramara is classic Lakes – follow it as far as possible towards Allen Crags and it is perfectly possible to carry on to Esk Hause and then reverse back down to Seathwaite.

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OS Map: O/S 1/25,000. OL4 Lake District North West. Buy Map
Start Point: NY 138251 Track is signposted Thorneythwaite Farm and then left after 50 yards. Parking may have to be on the road or walk from Seatoller
Height to Climb: 662 ms (2,172 feet)
Terrain: A good pull up to and along the ridge on a good path. At the top of the ridge the walking is a lot easier.The descent down Comb Gill is a little rougher on the boots.
Eating & Drinking: The Langstrath Inn at Stonethwaite is the most convenient watering hole but Borrowdale Hotel has great views and a pricey cup of tea but my own favourite is the Yew Tree Inn at Seatoller.
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  1. Mountain Mike says:

    Hi everyone todays target is Glaramara from Seathwaite Fam in the Borrowdale Valley,I head out of the farm its raining and looking very misty on the tops of the fells.After leaving the farm I look for a footpath sign on a gate and I’m heading up towards a gate,cant see a foot path as it looks like its turned into a torrent flying down the mountainside,after a wet struggle I reach the gate and carry on up the side of the fell,on reaching the top this ground is very boggy and no path can be seen as promised in the guide books,however I head for a gap in the rocks and before long I’m at the foot of Glaramara three guys come towards me but turn back,at this point I meet a guy from Yorkshire who joins me on a safer scramble to the top.Visibility is about 200 metres and my new friend is off on his own.I have a scout about but this mist is closing in,time to get off here and fast.I over shoot my route back down to Seathwaite and back track back to where I came up this is very wet very windy and very slippy, the track down is perilous,after an hour and a couple of guys passing me I’m back down on the good side another Wainwright on the other conditions were treacherous but I’m ok see you all soon MM.

  2. mountainmike says:

    Well here I am parking at Seathwaite Farm in Borrowdale,todays target is GLARAMARA via the route from just past the farm,conditions are wet under foot and its raining,Ive chosen this route as I think its going to be a good steep attempt at Glaramara.I head through the farm and I’m going left through the gate I look up the fell and its misty very misty,at this point I cannot see a path of any sorts and then after crossing a few fast running streams it hits me…the stream in front of me is the path,the snow from two weeks ago on the tops has melted this is going to be hard,tricky and dangerous at this I carry on.This is a steep route and of course slippy,after an hour and a half I’m at the top of this fell,thoughts of going back hit me as the visibility is no more than 100 yards and its throwing it down,but I’m here now and according to the map it is not far,conditions under foot are boggy and deep water looks like The Mammut Raichles are holding up lol as well as my waterproofs.Moving on I see a guy a 100 yards in front of me,I bear right and in a half an hour I’m at the foot of Glaramara looks like a 300ft scramble I look over and climb ten foot up this crag and retreat,time to look for another start point as I do this the guy from earlier follows me,three other guys come across and retreat without saying anything,this is dangerous territory.I find a new start point and within ten minutes I’m on the top,shelter found and a quick commentary on my mobile lol,no pictures today its still pouring down.Its time to get down and get out of this weather I’m dry but its getting worse.A quick scan on the top of this Wainright and I decide to go back down the way I came,this I was to learn would be a hard way to get down to the valley.Cloud is moving in again and I miss the route back to the Ghyll,as I look into the distance I see Derwenwater in the clearing cloud and also Castle Crag which Gav and I bagged two weeks ago,time to back track lol,feet still dry I find the top of the massive drop and start to descend,this so wet and dangerous if you take this route take absolute care,after an hour and meeting up with a couple of guys I’m down cant remember how many slips I had,definate near misses for going over the edge.Down and back to the car whoopee but never again that Mountain is wild very wild,Mountain Mikes advice try it from Thornthwaite see you all later MM.

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