Mist: A Hindrance or A Help?

July 12, 2019

Hello all, Charlotte here. If you don’t remember me, I’ve been the subject of several blog posts and even climbed a few mountains in my time.

The last time I made a foray on this blog was way back in 2013 where I talked about the process of teaching Mist agility, flyball and any number of other tricks. In the 5 years since (!) we’ve had many more adventures, and I’m going to be charting them here. First off, Mist is a wonderful family dog, but when it comes to household tasks isn’t always the most useful one to have around. However, she’s definitely the most entertaining.

Mist takes on household tasks

It’s Christmas 2018, we’ve spent hours putting the tree up and Mist is feeling festive. Clearly a little too festive….

It’s hard to say whether Mist or Lucy are more useless when it comes to setting the table

Here, Mist takes on the most important of gardening tasks. This technique can also be used with horses, vacuum cleaners or any other suspicious objects.

It’s been surprisingly sunny in Long Preston recently, meaning Mist can run in and out as she pleases. Lucky for us, we’d all be doomed without Mist to protect from birds on the chimney and cats on the wall.

Only joking, Mist takes guard dog responsibilities very seriously. She has no qualms about waking up the street at 11pm by barking fiercely into the night…

She also wasn’t impressed when it came to clearing out the cellar and stealing her floor space. Typically, she would not be defeated and let us know her frustrations.

And if you do want to see some more of Mist, why not follow her instagram at mistthebordercollie

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