Mist in the Moors

December 3, 2012

What a lucky dog! Day after day during our wet and inglorious summer days I have headed out to walk the North Yorkshire Moors and its coastal fringes.

At my side is how it should be but sadly Mist tends to roam a little and is not always on the path as she maybe should be. Despite her temporary disappearences it is a wonderful area to walk with a dog whether you are striding out over the high moors, investigating the dells and rivers of the deep valleys or following the Cleveland Way along one of the best coastlines in Britain.

My personal highlights were the coast around Runswick Bay, the steam train walk that lies between Grosmont and Goathland but best of all the Moors over Blakey Top topped off with a pint at the Lion (dog’s welcome).

Mist’s highlights were somewhat different (smells, people and the joie de vivre of the open moors and fresh air) although it is fair to say that there was not one moment of actual walking she was not happy. However there were some special moments of concern/interest for her:

  • The North Yorks Steam Train and the moments it let off seam inevitably sent her cowering inder the nearest seat, person or car
  • A lack of ‘steep cliffs‘ awareness. I was convinced she would be a statistic as she headed for the cliffs at breadneck speed before rapidly skidding to a stop or swerving along the side. She does appear to have a 6th sense.
  • Assaulted by 3 farm dogs in Rosedale – never seen her move so fast
  • Chased by cows from a field as night fell near Glaisdale
  • Spooked by a low flying glider on the moors above Carlton
  • Getting stuck in the mud near Mount Grace Priory and then ignominiously hauled up by the scruff and chucked in to a deep, fast flowing river. For all her love of the outdoors she is not a keen swimmer.

Her navigation may be hopeless but her enthusiasm is infectious, if she could talk she would be saying take a trip to the North York Moors, it is fun!


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