Mist of all seasons

March 1, 2013

Whereas human’s tend to migrate somewhat in the long dark and cold winter months it makes not a jot of difference for Mist. Her eagerness to be outside is the same regardless of the season.

However when she is inside she does try and hog the fire and when the sun shines she solemnly follows the patches of sunlight round the room. However it is the outdoors which is her greatest love.

Here are some photos of Mist in the last year, happy in every season!

“The recent cold winter months…

brings a joy of playing in the snow….

with clear views and blue skies…..

and some lovely light but I do find myself always waiting for others….

sometimes even patiently, in the strong autumn colours….

however summer is very different….

and can be hot work when you always run at least twice the difference of a human….

or play with your favourite ball on the beach….

or even when no-one helps you out of the water…..

but there are places to spend some quiet time….

and receive wisdom from all those old dogs in the sky….

to be on the lookout for any opportunity….

and that happens all year round!”

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