More than just a walking haven?

May 17, 2011

80% of people say that walking in the Yorkshire Dales is the main reason that they visit the area. However much this is true there is no doubt that the Yorkshire Dales can offer a much more rounded holiday experience than say, the Lake District or Wales. Walks in the Dales tend to be shorter and the average visitor spends more time exploring the history, pretty villages and rivers of the area. Walks tend to be part of the experience – not done necessarily for their own sake. A walk in the Dales is as much likely to have a castle as its focus point, or a pretty riverside or even a picturesque village than to catch a summit or spend hours on lofty ridges and high moorland. The walk is part of the experience rather than the actual purpose. That is not to say the walking is not a pleasure; it is and often better because it is quieter, easier and certainly a more relaxed experience than sweating up some Lakeland or Welsh peak.

The Dales therefore attracts a different type of person. I have tried to cater for their tastes by splitting the 100 walks in to different categories such as Riverside Strolls and Walking through History; even the Shorter Walks for All have a purpose to them. For example there is one short walk called the Prettiest Village in the Dales which raises a number of questions and hopefully pub discussions. Whilst there are still many walks for those just after fresh air and high ridges there is so much more to the Yorkshire Dales. It is what makes it so special.


I am still looking for the final 10 walks to complete my Dales 100. If you do know of any gems and are prepared to share them with me just drop me an e mail and I will have a look. Not much of a hardship I must admit.

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