Photos of my Summer

July 17, 2015

This summer has been good fun so far, it could have been better but as always there has been too much doing nothing.

I also had a problem when these stupid vets made me sleepy and slipped on a lampshade around my head. Apparently I had a cut on my leg when I jumped a barbed wire fence but it seemed no problem to me. I was depressed about the lampshade, my master more depressed about how much it had cost him….why bother!

My summer so far (without the lampshade):

Mist on guard

It all started with me keeping an eye on some sheep…

mist and debbie

…before helping Debbie on the Coast to Coast, she needed me most…

mist on the Arran horsehoe

…then a long and tiring round of the Arran Horseshoe and some undignified scrambling…

mist being pensive

…just looking good…

Mist and Ingleborough

…and a hot day on Ingleborough…

mist on scafell

…a misty one on Scafell, but I, at least, knew the way…

mist on the beach on eigg scotland

…was followed with a family holiday on Muck and Eigg Islands…

mist wind swept on isle of muck

…which I of course went to the highest point…

mist in a cottage on muck

…so I had to rest in the cottage…

mist on the role

…before enjoying a roll in the grass…

mist on ben vane

….I returned to Scotland to practice my agility skills…

mist on ben vane summit

…and doing some compulsory view watching from the summit of Ben Vane…

Mist under Ivy Scar

…before a walk last week near Askrigg. Where’s the stream!


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