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A walk at Ingleby Greenhow

May 12, 2017

There is a fine walk at Ingleby Greenhow through a quiet area of forestry and farmland. Ingleby Greenhow is one of a number of small villages that lie under the great northern scar of the moors. It is one of the quietest.

The Walk

Battersby Moor towers over the 11th century village of Ingleby Greenhow but on this occasion I chose to keep low and explore the valley and forestry beneath the moors. The wide forestry tracks provided easy walking and the sound of wood cutting creates its own special atmosphere. This is particularly so in Autumn and the whole walk reminded me of a November crossing of the Southern Upland Way

I could not get a good view of Ingleby Manor but the pretty farmhouses, particularly Shepherd’s Close, gave the valley a tranquil and laid back feel that only enhanced the atmosphere created by dense forestry. It is a place to discover your own route (you are trapped in the valley so cannot go far wrong) with the knowledge that you will eventually emerge for a pleasant pint at the Dudley Arms…something that never seemed to happen on the Southern Upland Way!


Explore St Andrew’s Church, the low Norman design is unusual in this area.

Navigation Tips at Ingleby Greenhow

As this is a rarely walked area the paths through the fields on the second half of the walk are difficult to follow. Take a marker with a fence or stile at the far end of the field you are in. As this is a bridleway then it will be a gate nor a stile.

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