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A walk round Malham Tarn

June 6, 2019

Malham Tarn is the highest lake in England. The circuit does include some road walking on its western side but the eastern shores and walk through the woods are lovely.

The Walk

It was a beautiful, peaceful summer’s evening when I dropped Lucy off for an outdoors Brownies event at Malham Tarn. The walk starts at Streetgate and so I headed off to spent a pleasant couple of hours circling the highest lake in England. Glacial in origin Malham Tarn is over 1,200 foot above sea level with a wonderful variety of plants, trees and bird life. Much of it courtesy of the geology of the surrounding rock.

The land around Malham Tarn is owned by the National Trust and they have a popular field centre at the northern end of the tarn. The Nature Reserve, bird hides and well kept woodland are all the legacy of the Trust and are well run. However I prefer the open limestone scars and wide open views to the east of the tarn. In addition you can follow the lake shore. The shores here are lovely contrasting to the southern and western ends of the tarn where the walk is along roads, albeit quiet ones.


Take a small detour to Water Sinks from the southern car park. Water Sinks does what it says on the tin, the water disappears in to a big hole to appear again two miles downstream at the foot of Malham Cove

Navigation Tips on Malham Tarn

It is worth taking the path through the nature reserve to the west of the field centre. It is not a public right of way (therefore signified by dashes that are not green) and often the Trust close it as a result.

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