Where is this walk?

A walk near Brough Castle

June 17, 2018

Brough Castle is perched upon a small hill just to the south of Brough. The walk near Brough Castle passes through some rolling countryside and farmland all under the shadow of Mickle Fell.

The Walk

Brough Castle forms the centre piece of a walk to the south of Brough and an area I simply knew nothing about. With the vast slopes of Mickle Fell offering a backdrop the walk is full of interest, particularly in the 2nd half when it crosses the A685  and in to pretty Brough Sowerby. There are some attractive riverside sections, an old Roman fort, two castles and plenty of human interest within the villages. Livestock abound with a particularly feisty herd of cows frolicking near Ausgill Castle hotel. However this walk is principally about the remains of Castle Brough, one of the best in the area. Oh yes and this one too was owned for a while by Lady Anne Clifford.

Brough’s real claim to fame though was in the 18th and 19th century when it was a major staging post between England and Scotland, so popular that at one time there were 12 ‘inns’ vying for trade. How times have changed.


Extend the walk in to the village of Great Musgrave.

Navigation Tips at Brough

It is not straightforward on the walk from the western end of the walk back to Brook Farm. Use the lie of the land. Follow the north side of the stream and cross due south of the only building in the vicinity. From here keep to the north and then east flanks of some raised land directly ahead. The path is very faint and in places non existent.

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  • Julie Sheldon says:

    My friend, my dog and I went on the above walk last week The scenery was beautiful What a lovely part of the country. However the paths weren’t clearly signposted some of the arrows which determined which direction you would take once in a field were too faded to read. We came upon a locked gate and ended up in a field with horses one of which kept nudging me it was rather a hairy experience. Just wanted to let other dog owners know about this walk so they didn’t have the same experience.
    The toilets in brough were immaculate and the one cafe there was very friendly and they make a really delicious mocha.

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