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Buckden to Grassington

September 20, 2018

The one way walk from Buckden to Grassington starts off by following the River Wharfe to Kettlewell. From Kettlewell it climbs on to the ridge of Great Whernside amongst beautiful limestone scenery and views.

The Walk

This one way walk takes in my favourite section of the Dalesway (albeit in reverse) with some lovely limestone scenery and classic Dales villages typifying the pleasures of walking in the Yorkshire Dales. In reality the walk can be easily split in to two simple sections; that from Buckden to Kettlewell with the path clinging close to the River Wharfe and after Kettlewell when the paths takes to the higher ground to the east.

The limestone scenery is fantastic, pavements and escarpments, dry river valleys and the infamous Conistone Pie all adding to the more obvious pleasure of easy walking on short grass and soft rock.


It is worth the detour down Conistone Dib, a spectacular limestone valley


The 72/72R bus leaves the National Park Centre in Grassington for Buckden (Mon to Sat) regularly arriving at Buckden half an hour later.

Navigation Tips from Buckden to Grassington

The biggest navigational challenge on this walk is the final approach to Grassington. The official Dalesway path does a convoluted route past the Dales Dairy factory. As Grassington comes in to view take the farm lane on your left. It makes sense.

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