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Dales of Kirkbymoorside

September 21, 2018

Gillamoor and Fadmore are two of the dales of Kirkbymoorside which make for an excellent walk across rolling countryside. Idyllic Kirkdale Church, hidden in the woods, makes a fine finale.

The Walk

I was pleasantly surprised to find some excellent walking country north of Kirkbymoorside, with two interesting little dells full of interest. In particular Kirk Dale is a cracking place with a lovely church at its southern extremes. The beech woodland offering a backdrop to a river that had run dry (apparently disappearing underground in an aquifer) and the most perfectly situated church (of St Gregorys) that you could imagine.

The villages of Fadmoor and Gillamoor typify the peaceful and tranquil nature of the land. They are almost too idyllic to touch (except the pubs!) with immaculate gardens, clean streets and polite residents. They form part of the Tabular Hills walk which sounds something Rick Wakeman would have put together (for those of a certain age).


If you have time do extend the dales of Kirkbymoorside walk north and west along some more lovely woodland and complete the circuit of Boon Hill.

Navigation Tips at Kirkbymoorside

Follow the path through the woods all the way down Kirk Dale then cross the river just before reaching the church. Leave the road at 665891 to join the lovely woodland path.

Cross the river back after the church and take the footpath to the north of the main road. Even though the footpath lacks interest, the distance is short and the main road very busy.

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