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September 25, 2012

I think most of us like a purpose to whatever we are doing in life whether it is just working to earn a crust, completing the housework or finishing a book (try the Conn Iggulden series on Genghis Khan, fascinating). I think this becomes more relevant when we are pursuing an out of work interest, such as climbing or walking, when the enjoyment is enhanced when there is a purpose at the end of it. In simple terms this may mean getting to a summit cairn, visiting the beautiful waterfall or just completing a new walk; however it may also mean ‘moving on’ to the next big thing.

The next big thing is often to complete as many walks within striking distance of home and then look to expand a little. Expansion can involve weekend breaks to a more rural location or just hopping in the car (or bike) to get a bit further away. I have always said that all walks are good, just some are better than others (or done in better weather) but a new walk does add something and certainly, if there is a choice of a new walk that I have not done before, or one I have done before then I tend to enjoy the new one. Recently, for example, I have spent a lot of time in the Cumbrian Pennines and the element of surprise adds a lot much to the pleasure and the challenge.

However many walkers are looking for something more than just a new walk, many start off by becoming ‘tickers’ – rock climbers for example look for new ‘lines’ on a rock face, fell walkers look for extra tops to complete and normal walkers just look for somewhere different to walk. Someone asked me the other day to do a wheelchair friendly/push chair friendly list of walks because they were bored with the Bolton Abbey trail. Variety and choice helps the walker, any walker!

Personally climbing the Wainwright’s and the Munros (with their associated Tops) have dominated my walking steps until a few years ago. Then I set up the Where2walk website with the primary purpose of the site becoming the best resource for all walkers to use. There are now over 300 walks on the site with new ones being added all the time but there are not just walks, there is different sections of Places to Stay, information on the best walking areas, all taken from a walker’s perspective and there are other walking challenges.

Long distance trails/footpaths are one area of walking that is becoming increasingly popular. Following a long distance footpath from beginning to end is immensely satisfying but so too is dipping in and out of a long walk. They are now well waymarked (signposted), challenging, involve planning yet suitable for most walkers whether you want to walk 20 miles a day or less than 10. I was also pleased to see that the Coast to Coast is now officially recognized as a long distance trail! If I had the time I would certainly do more and ultimately walk the length of the country; the so called End to End.

Of course the purpose of a walk may not be a summit or just because it is a new area, it may be something different, something more satisfying and worthy. I was struck the other day by the story of volunteers climbing Scafell Pike and clearing the rubbish from the disgusting summit area (well done ladies).  I am always impressed by the Volunteers out repairing footpaths and repairing stiles, all working just for the pleasure of being out and about in the outdoors and helping others enjoy it.

Alternatively there is no reason why anyone should not try and improve their mountain skills, take a map and compass course (there is one near Settle in the next few weeks) or even go out and become a Mountain Leader – possibly the most satisfying (and a times stressful) things I have done.

Finally I do not want to decry anyone who is happy to walk the same paths and take in a favourite peak or view (I have climbed Blencathra over 30 times and never tire of it) but there is so much out there I would urge anyone to try something new.


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