Walking on the Snowy hills

Walking in snowy conditions is fun. The past 10 days snow has fallen, roads have become treacherous and the country has appeared to grind to a halt. Many people have taken the easy option, avoided work, and not taken the heaven sent opportunity of exploring the Great Outdoors. Venturing out in the snow is great fun, a mini adventure where a familiar walk now offers something very different to normal. I have wandered the lanes and hills around Settle and Malham and ventured in to higher lands on Harter Fell and Sale Fell in the Lake District, all thoroughly enjoyable. Usually when the snow has fallen I cut back a little on my ambitions for the day and even avoid the steeper crags but what I would not do is avoid venturing on to the tops or taking a good length walk. Maybe though it is time to be a little more adventurous – buy a pair of crampons and tramp around the slopes. For those who have never used them they are great fun and will stick you to the slope like glue. Just make sure that you have practised putting them on somewhere warm as the straps can be a little fiddly. Probably best not to practice walking indoors though….

I have altered the Home page on the site. adding a number of different features which hopefully will be of some interest in the long hours of darkness. There are 150 walks now on – check the signpost for the full list.

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