Discover Wuthering Heights

  • Explore the Bronte Moors
  • Visit Top Withins (Wuthering Heights?)
  • Start at Haworth and the Bronte Museum

When I worked in Earby in West Yorkshire my boss at the time (clearly bored with what I was saying) was staring out the window over the bleak moorland with rain lashing down and just shook his head muttering ‘Not hard to see where the Bronte’s drew their inspiration’. He was right, there is nothing as bleak and forbodding as a West Yorkshire Moor in the rain and the wind. However it is also inspirational and invigorating.

Many years later I set out to find Wuthering Heights from Haworth and seek the very same inspiration. Fortunately it was summer, the sun was shining and I thoroughly enjoyed a walk along good paths and open moorland. For those wanting to find more about the Brontes the walk is not so useful. Top Withens may have been the inspiration behind the Earnshaw House of Wuthering Heights but bares little resemblance to the description, the original Bronte Bridge was washed away and the waterfalls offer no more than a very pleasant picnic spot.

However starting at the Parsonage Museum (the home of the Brontes)offers a real incite in to the family then it is really a case of just stepping out in to the Moors and imagining how the sisters gained inspiration from such a fabulous landscape. Whatever the weather it is not hard to see.

Recommend: I suggest doing this walk twice, once in good weather and once in bad. You can vary the paths out and back but the differing weather gives a completely different walk. Maybe even try in the snow.

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Wuthering Heights map

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OS Map: 1.25,000. OL21 South Pennines
Start Point: SE 031372. There is parking at Haworth. Walk north out of the village and follow the road as it bends west. After 200 metres a quiet road heads parallel and south. Take this to start the walk.
Height to Climb: 318ms (1000 feet)
Eating & Drinking: There are a number of cafes and pubs in Haworth but if you do fancy a change try the Wuthering Heights or splendidly named Old Silent Inn in Stanbury.
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