Waterfalls of Ingleton

  • Most spectacular waterfalls in England
  • Excellent network of paths
  • Sheltered deciduous woodland

The Ingleton waterfalls walk is probably one of the two ‘must see’ walks in the Yorkshire Dales (along with Malham Cove) but its popularity today is nothing like it was when the walk opened in 1885 when 3,500 people were recorded on a single day! Personally I avoided this walk as you have to pay to walk alongside the falls (all walks should be free) but to be fair it is an excellent way to spend a few hours. I took the family on a hot summer Sunday and we staggered round in 3 and a half hours but with many stops for paddling and refreshments. Only in the last 1/2 hour, as Ingleton is approached, does the walk get dull; prior to that the fantastic series of waterfalls in each valley are decorated by a fine array of deciduous woodland with hazel, oak, birch and ash all prominent.

Probably the best waterfalls are in the higher area of the Doe Valley (up the Triss, down the Doe is the generally accepted route) where we stood and watched a set of young lads flinging themselves off the rock faces 20 to 25 foot up. However the real joy is the endless selection of quiet coves and rocky beaches where you can stop and paddle, swim or just sit and picnic. The only drawback is having to pay £6 per adult (£3 per child) courtesy of the Ingleton Scenery Company (2018) who own the land but fair play to them, they have created an excellent environment for adults and children alike.

Recommend: On a hot day take the trunks…..and your time!

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Ingleton Falls walk map

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OS Map: O/S 1,25000. OL2 Yorkshire Dales South & West
Start Point: SD 693733. There is a large well sign posted car park at the foot of the Triss valley. Choose whichever direction you fancy, it makes no difference.
Height to Climb: 148 ms (485 feet)
Terrain: A good set of paths wind through the trees and pleasingly the area is NOT festooned with warnings about 'dangerous' terrain. Makes a pleasant change in today's world.
Eating & Drinking: There is at present a refreshment van when you break out from the woods above the Triss and plans to add another over on the Doe River. No harm in them and there is a wide choice of pubs and tea shops in Ingleton.
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