North West Peak

North West Peak

  • RefNameHeight
  • 6 Shining Tor 1834ft 559m

    Shining Tor is a Marilyn and the highest summit in the western Peak. Its summit lies on the Cheshire/Derbyshire border. It is part of a fine ridge inking to Cat's Tor.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 995737

  • 10 Mill Hill 1785ft 544m

    Mill Hill is a TUMP lying on the Pennine Way between Kinder Scout and Bleaklow. It is a quiet summit, mainly frequented by Pennine Way walkers.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 061984

  • 12 Cats Tor 1713ft 522m

    Cats Tor is a subsidiary peak of Shining Tor. It is a TUMP and lies on the wide ridge to the north of Shining Tor.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 995759

  • 14 Black Edge 1663ft 507m

    Black Edge is a TUMP and by a small margin the highest point on the moor north of Buxton. A Trig Point marks the summit

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 063770

  • 17 Combs Head 1650ft 503m

    Combs Head is an unassuming hill at the southern end of Combs Moss. It is the unmarked high point of a wide expanse of moorland and qualifies as a TUMP.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 041757

  • 19 South Head 1621ft 494m

    South Head is the highest hill in this group and lies only 2km west of Brown Knoll and the Kinder group. It is a TUMP with a substantial cairn at the highest point.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 061846

  • 21 Mount Famine 1552ft 473m

    Mount Famine is a TUMP lying on an interesting ridge close to South Head and the Kinder Plateau. The summit is unmarked.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 056849

  • 28 Chinley Churn 1499ft 457m

    Chinley Churn fills the ground north of Chinley. The actual summit is 700m north of the Trig Point, reflecting the size of the area of high ground. Chinley Churn is a HUMP.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 037844

  • 40 Sponds Hill 1355ft 413m

    Sponds Hill is a TUMP on a grassy hillside near Whaley Bridge with views over Manchester. The viewpoint marks the highest point. This lies 400m south of the Trig Point.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 971799

  • 41 Whaley Moor 1348ft 411m

    Whaley Moor is a HUMP with an unmarked summit close to a wall. It is a short climb through access land from the Right of Way which connects Whaley Bridge and Lyme Park.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 990821

  • 42 Cown Edge 1348ft 411m

    Cown Edge forms a long ridge just south west of Glossop. It is a TUMP with the summit marked by a small cairn on the top of a ruined wall.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 021920

  • 51 Teggs Nose 1253ft 382m

    Teggs Nose is a TUMP near Macclesfield at the high point of an old quarry. There is a viewfinder on the summit with views to the east over old quarrying equipment. The higher hills of the Peak District are beyond.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 948726

  • 56 Lantern Pike 1224ft 373m

    Lantern Pike is a TUMP just north of Hayfield. It lies on National Trust land and has a viewfinder on its summit.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 026882

  • 60 Eccles Pike 1214ft 370m

    Eccles Pike lies between Chinley and Whaley Bridge. It is a HUMP with a regular flow of visitors, being easily reached via the minor road to the south

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 035812

  • 73 Kerridge Hill 1007ft 313m

    Kerridge Hill is a TUMP lying above the Cheshire village of Bollington. It has an impressive summit ridge with the Trig Point and highest point at the south end.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 942759