The 'Wainwright' Fells

The Wainwright Fells in the Lake District were listed by guide book writer Alfred Wainwright in the 1950s and 60s. He produced a series of 7 regional guide books which described each fell in wonderful and creative detail. Later he produced an 8th book on the ‘Outlying Fells’. These fells became the best challenge for any visitor to the Lake District who wanted to enjoy walking the in the higher lands.

The full list of Wainwright Fells is included with extra information on some of the most popular mountains. There is also a map to show where each of the 214 fells are.

Book 1 - Eastern Fells

Book 2 - Far Eastern Fells

Book 3 - Central Fells

Book 4 - Southern Fells

Book 5 - Northern Fells

Book 6 - North Western Fells

Book 7 - Western Fells