About Where2Walk

Where2walk presents the best walks in the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District, the North York Moors and the best places to stay to fully appreciate them.

Each walk is FREE to use, to follow and download

There are over 500 individual walks on this website and they form the basis of the website.  There are also Long Distance Walks, Overseas Walks and Walking Challenges. Just look for them under the tab ‘Our Walks‘. As well as planning what I believe is the best route I have taken the photographs, designed the maps, written the description and even discovered the joys of plotting a GPS route! It has been a real labour of love.

To find out a little more about me look at this article in The Guardian.

The walks form the basis for the website but we also offer the following services:

  • Book a Self Guided Walking Holiday
  • Map & Compass Courses (1 and 2 day)
  • Hire a Guide for the day
  • A Walkers Shop including maps, books and mugs.
Malham Cove
Malham Cove

About Me

My own love of walking came from the cradle. Family holidays were always spent in the Lake District and climbing the fells was a major part of any visit. I have since completed the Munros (and Tops!) in Scotland, trained and completed a Mountain Leader course and enjoyed walking and climbing in Europe. and beyond.

In 1999 I moved to the Yorkshire Dales and came to love the more genteel, rolling moors and dales. My passion become a business in 2010 and I set up Where2walk. I now run Navigation Courses, act as a Mountain Guide and organize Self Guided holidays across Yorkshire and the Lakes.


Individual Walks

All the individual walks have their virtues but one size cannot possibly fit all; different walkers look for different types of walks.  Therefore I have placed each walk in a category; search for short walks, ones taking in historical sites, walks along rivers, the coast or lakes and those timeless full day classics. These are all presented in a list or in a map format enabling you to find the best walk for you.

One of my firmest held beliefs is that everyone should be able to read and use a map of the area you plan to walk in and therefore be able to take responsibility for yourself. If you are unable to do this at the moment it is easy to find out (join one of our own Map & Compass courses would be a great start).

Sale on the Caudale Round
Sale on the Caudale Round

What you will not find on these pages on the website is detailed route descriptions (turn left at this style, turn right 132 metres down that bridleway etc). Not only does this leave the walker at a complete loss if they lose their way at any point but it also takes away from the real joys of walking. I love to explore, change my route and take in to account weather and other factors. I like to see what is around the next corner.

The walks on here will give you my opinion of each walk, who it is suitable for and its highlights. Each walk also includes factual information on the length of the walk, the best place to eat or drink nearby and most importantly which map to use or buy.

However each walk can only be taken at your own discretion, the final decision whether to go is yours alone.

River Ure, Wensleydale
River Ure, Wensleydale

More than a day walk?

Away from the individual Day walks (which form the bedrock of the website) there are other areas of interest for walkers  which interest me:


Striding out over the vast moorlands of the Yorkshire Dales or the North York Moors and the ridges of the Lake District is unforgettable and enjoyable for all. A friend of mine once told me he liked the Lakes for its drama and excitement but actually preferred the open vista and quieter villages of the Dales and the Moors. It is all about opinions and all I would ask is to test some of these walks and decide for yourselves.

More than anything Where2walk is a reflection of the love I hold for the upland areas of Britain and how much I enjoy walking in it. If I can encourage a few more people to try and enjoy the outdoors then Where2walk has been a success.