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March 26, 2012

Without wishing to sound too much like a representative from Visit England there is surely not a better time to visit the English countryside and enjoy a walking holiday. Holidays abroad are still expensive (more so for what the Euro has done to local prices than getting there) and is also a right hassle to get there,  particularly if you have a family. Yes the weather may be more reliable but if you are nor someone who simply worships the sun a bit of variable weather does not matter and in many ways adds to the enjoyment.

What a walking holiday does offer is a good price and a choice to suit most people. Petrol may be becoming prohibitive and environmentally damaging but if you are out walking this really does not matter. Better still is to take the increasingly popular option of walking between places, taking your time and staying in different villages each night. Throw in Bed and Breakfast for anything from £30 per night and the holiday starts to tick all the boxes; it is good value, interesting, healthy and incredibly satisfying. Don’t ignore the opportunities to take a bus or the train rather than drive to a walk start – it is not always possible but in many cases it is.

I mentioned choice. A stay can either be in a typical comfortable B & B, one of the burgeoning number of splendid Country Houses of consistently high quality, country inns or take the self catering option, save more money and stay in a cottage, a campsite, lodge or even a caravan. Cottages for example are not what they were when I grew up, many are now of extremely high quality and and a lovely place to rest those weary limbs in the evening. I have taken a motorhome out and about in Scotland on a few occasions and the family loved it.

The options are endless, if you are less keen on walking every day just pick and choose your day; if the weather is poor there is now plenty to see and do in the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District, much more than there used to be. However holidays in the countryside are all about being out and about, walking and the satisfaction of taking and completing a good walk. I have spent all my life taking holidays in the UK; whether with my own family, my mates or in the past when my parents used to take a cottage in the Lake District for a week or two.

Have a look at the holiday options that we haveat Where2walk; weekend breaks, longer holidays or even just hiring a guide for a day or two so that you can walk somewhere you may not confidently do on your own.

Click Here for Where2walk Holiday Options

I just hope the wonderful spring weather we are enjoying at the moment will encourage many more people to consider a walking holiday or even a short break in our glorious countryside.


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