Peak District Dales

Peak District Dales

  • RefNameHeight
  • 30 Hollins Hill 1476ft 450m

    Hollins Hill is a TUMP with steep eastern slopes and a broad north to south ridge. It is the highest of 4 hills making an excellent round from Hollinsclough.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 060679

  • 32 Chrome Hill 1453ft 443m

    Chrome Hill is one of the most interesting of Britain’s sub 2,000ft hills. It is shaped like a fin and gives an excellent ridge walk on a good path.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 071673

  • 38 High Wheeldon 1384ft 422m

    High Wheeldon is a steep sided TUMP with a history going back 10,000 years. As well as a interesting history it is owned by the BMC and has some excellent rock climbing.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 100661

  • 47 Pilsbury Castle Hill 1296ft 395m

    Pilsbury Castle Hill is a TUMP directly above the hamlet of Pilsbury. A quiet, minor road passes south of the summit. Combine the walk with Carder Low.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 121640

  • 49 Wolfscote Hill 1273ft 388m

    Wolfscaote Hill is a HUMP with a Trig Point at the summit. It has fine views south down Wolfscote Dale and Dove Dale.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 137583

  • 53 Carder Low 1247ft 380m

    Carder Low is a TUMP lying north of Hartington. It is a classic White Peak summit with grassy slopes and limestone rocks protruding through the grass. A good walk combines it with Pilsbury Castle Hill.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 130626

  • 55 Parkhouse Hill 1230ft 375m

    Parkhouse Hill is a steep sided and a spectacular peak. It is an extension of the Chrome Hill fin with a steep climb from every direction.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 080670

  • 58 Wetton Hill 1217ft 371m

    Wetton Hill is a HUMP with a smooth grassy summit. This hill has excellent views to the east and is marginally higher than nearby Ecton Hill and its namesake to the south west.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 113566

  • 62 Ecton Hill 1211ft 369m

    Ecton Hill is a TUMP lying high above the Manifold Valley with a Trig Point at the summit. There is plenty of evidence of old copper mines on its slopes.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 100580

  • 63 Narrowdale Hill 1204ft 367m

    Narrowdale Hill is a TUMP with an unmarked summit. It has a steep north eastern flank but with gentler, grassy slopes to the south. Combined with its near neighbour Gratton Hill.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 123573

  • 64 Gratton Hill 1191ft 363m

    Gratton Hill is inevitably twinned with Narrowdale Hill but it is marginally lower. It is a TUMP with a cairn marking the summit.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 132572

  • 65 Parkhouse Hill North 1182ft 362m

    Parkhouse Hill North is a subsidiary of Parkhouse Hill. However it is a distinct hill and a TUMP best combined with Chrome and Hollins Hill..

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 081673

  • 66 Wetton Hill SW Top 1175ft 358m

    Wetton Hill South West Top is a TUMP with a rounded grassy summit. It is lower than its namesake but arguably the better summit.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 105563

  • 69 Bunster Hill 1080ft 329m

    Bunster Hill lies directly above Ilam and Dove Dale. The summit is in a small wooded area. It can easily be combined with the more popular Thorpe Cloud.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 142517

  • 74 Thorpe Cloud 942ft 287m

    Thorpe Cloud is a TUMP and one of the most popular hills in the Peak District. It has a steep, rocky summit and is often combined with the stepping stones over the River Dove.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 152510