White Peak East

White Peak East

  • RefNameHeight
  • 22 Bradwell Moor 1545ft 471m

    Bradwell Moor is a TUMP with a prominent Trig Point situated close to the Limestone Way. It is the highest hill in the eastern section of the White Peak.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 132801

  • 23 Eldon Hill 1542ft 470m

    Eldon Hill is of considerable geological, historical and industrial interest. A large section of the north of the hill has disappeared as a result of quarrying. There is a large cairn on the summit.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 116812

  • 31 Chelmorton Hill 1463ft 446m

    Chelmorton Hill is a TUMP and prominent summit directly above Chelmorton. It is a short climb from the village.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 114706

  • 35 Sir William Hill 1407ft 429m

    Sir William Hill is a HUMP with an impressive summit. It stands apart from the surrounding hills above Eyam.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 215779

  • 46 Longstone Moor 1296ft 395m

    North east of Monsale Head Longstone Moor is a HUMP with the summit marked by a cairn on tumulus. The summit is an excellent viewpoint.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 189733

  • 54 Harboro Rocks 1243ft 379m

    Harboro Rocks is a TUMP at the top of some strange rock formations north of Carsington Water. It gives a straightforward out and back walk from a convenient road.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 243553

  • 57 Minninglow 1220ft 372m

    Minninglow is a TUMP located in a copse of trees. The summit is an ancient burial site accessed from the High Peak Trail.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 210573

  • 59 Beeley Moor 1217ft 371m

    Beeley Moor is an isolated TUMP and the high point of the substantial moorland plateau between Chesterfield and Chatsworth.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 239687

  • 61 Wardlow Hay Cop 1214ft 370m

    Wardlow Hay Cop, above Cressbrook Dale, is a TUMP with a rounded summit and a Trig Point. It is a prominent landmark.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 179740

  • 68 Masson Hill 1109ft 338m

    Masson Hill is a TUMP. The high point is at the corner of a small wood above the Heights of Abraham above Matlock.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 286587

  • 71 Stanton Moor 1060ft 323m

    Stanton Moor is a HUMP most famous for its ancient sites including Nine Ladies Stone Circle. The high point of this heathland moor is denoted by a Trig Point.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 245629

  • 72 Bolehill 1060ft 323m

    Bolehill is a HUMP which gives a straightforward climb from Wirksworth past the spectacular Black Rocks to a flattish summit area.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 294553

  • 75 High Tor, Matlock 673ft 205m

    High Tor is a rocky hill with cliffs rising directly above the east side of Matlock Bath. It is a popular summit usually climbed from the station car park.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 297590