Gasping Thin Air

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Mountain Adventures by the Birmingham Research Expeditionary Society

“Read it to enjoy the medical science behind the effects of altitude on the human body, compiled over 40 years, or just to enjoy the expeditions to the highest peaks of the best mountain ranges on the planet” 

The book gives a detailed account of 15 major expeditions to many of the World’s most remote and mountainous places, including Nepal, the Karakoram, Bhutan, Africa, Ecuador and Bolivia. It outlines the routes to the mountains and remote locations where testing was undertaken, tells stories of the local people who helped along the way, and the complexities and deprivations required to test altitude sickness.
The BMRES also undertook Alpine expeditions and trips to complete some of Britain’s classic big walks which are discussed in the book.’


A beautifully presented book of 450pp, 300 colour photographs, 100 line drawings and 16 detailed colour maps.

Written by Jo Bradwell, founding member and chairman of the BMRES.



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