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Embleton to Craster Walk

March 6, 2024

The Northumberland Coast has some stunning walks. Many have historical back drops and this is certainly the case on this walk between Embleton and Craster. The ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle stand proudly on a coastal outcrop and elevate this walk from excellent to something special.

The Walk

The beach at Embleton is one of my favourites. Many happily vote it the best in England and it is hard to disagree. It is a fine arc of golden sand, framed by the rocks leading to Low Newton by the Sea on one side and Dunstanburgh Castle on the other. This walk takes you along the beach, on to the picturesque golf course, past the castle and in to the fishing village of Craster.

The walk between Embleton and Craster is barely 4 miles long so most people simply have a coffee or pint in the pub at Craster, turn round and walk back along the same route. However I have added a return that heads inland a little, follows some country lanes before arriving at Dunstan Stead near Embleton. The GPX follows this return route.

Walking through History

Beauty and history combine on the walk. Embleton itself dates back to before the War of the Roses. In addition Craster has always been a fishing village, complete with safe harbour, for 500 years. The distinctive smell of kippers adds to its charm. However the highlight of the walk has to be Dunstanburgh Castle. It is only the remains of the gate house that still stand proud and it is almost impossible to imagine the full castle built in 1313 by the Earl Thomas of Lancaster. Over the next 200 years in featured strongly as a bastion against the marauding Scots. Today the remains (managed by English Heritage – entrance fee) are still impressive.


Stop off at the Jolly Fisherman pub and if you can find a seat sit in the beer garden overlooking the sea and harbour.

Navigation Tips on the Embleton to Craster Walk

It is easier to park in Embleton which is one of the reasons I prefer starting there. It is also quieter than Craster so if you want to hang around after the walk there is more ‘space’ in the pubs and cafes. Craster can be very busy.

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