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Robin Hood’s Bay

July 12, 2018

Robin Hood’s Bay is a lovely sweep of coast south of Whitby. The village of its name is set at one end, the cliffs of Ravenscar at the other. The walk between them makes for an enjoyable half day out.

The Walk

Often described as the jewel on the Yorkshire Coast. I have previously visited Robin Hood’s Bay many times, twice either starting or finishing  long distance walks and once on a short break with the family. The setting is spectacular. Although the sand on the beaches is hardly pristine, it is great to explore, particularly for the walker who wants to move quickly.

Any walk to Ravenscar involves a good deal of effort. The Cleveland Way rises and falls like a yoyo, low level hidden dells and high coastal walking constantly mixing together. The short walk is highly recommended. This is doubly so if you can drag yourself up to the National Trust cafe at Ravenscar with its wonderful, near 360 degree views.


On your return join the beach at Stoupe Beck and follow it to Robin Hood’s Bay village. You can then avoid some of the steep ascents and descents of the Cleveland Way.

Navigation Tips on Robin Hood’s Bay

At Ravenscar a path leads directly down the cliffs to the sea. However there is no safe way to cut round to the bay from here.

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  • Silva says:

    Visited RAVENSCAR a few days ago and the Nat Trust centre and cafe were closed. The premises were empty except for a couple of tables and chairs.

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