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Moel Hebog

December 3, 2020

Above Beddgelert is the steep and over powering slopes of Moel Hebog. The unremitting climb is rewarded with superb views across the western coast and north to the Snowdon massif.

The Walk

Beddgelert is an attractive village but does feel hemmed in. The mountains on each side of the river (Glas Lyn) climb dramatically from the valley, almost claustrophobic. Snowdon lies to the north, the rugged Bychan range to the east and Moel Hebog to the west. I fancied a test of my fitness so headed for Moel Hebog..and it certainly was.

The lower slopes are grassy and pleasant but higher up the ridge the path becomes steeper and stonier. Under the final slopes it becomes difficult and more awkward and some scree is encountered along with a little scrambling. However, as is typical on many Welsh mountains, the summit itself is a delight (Snowdon excepted). Cracking views, soft turf and an interesting hill fort complete this interesting plateau.


Coming down the direct path is not pleasant and can be slow. Best to follow the boundary north and head in to the forest. It is slower but more interesting.

Navigation Tips on Moel Hebog

The climb of Moel Hebog is one of those occasions where the path on the ground does not follow the line of the official Right of Way. The path on the ground is straightforward to follow, mainly along the ridge before bearing left under the final steep slopes. The public right of way appears to go straight up the cliff face. Ignore!

Remember the path on the ground is made by walkers looking for the easiest ascent (or descent). The right of way may have been inaccurately measured or just little used.

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