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Oxenhope and Ogden Water walk

October 21, 2018

Reservoirs, moors, golf courses and a wind farm add character to this walk on Ovenden Moor from Oxenhope. Ogden Water is particularly impressive.

The Walk

I was looking for a good walk from Oxenhope and wanted to include some reservoirs. After all reservoirs tend to dominate this part of the country, mainly due to the narrow valleys and industrial past. Starting with a steep climb from industrial Oxenhope past the first of four reservoirs (Leeming) attracted the attention. However the town was soon left behind and the sharp climb took us (myself and my faithful hound) high on to the moors. Unlike the walk up to Wuthering Heights however there was not the sense of remoteness that characterises the nearby Bronte Moors. This was partly due to the number of reservoirs but also the increasing presence of a large wind farm to the west.

The walk down and around Ogden Reservoir is beautiful, particularly if you take the lower path next to the river. A real find. From the dam though the path climbs steadily west and, although the golf course distracts to the left (it looks interesting) the view becomes increasingly dominated by the ‘eye drawing’ wind turbines which have been built at Skirden Head. The Oxenhope and Ogden Water walk ends on a happy note. Here the drop back in to Oxenhope (I like Isle Lane) offers some wonderful views over the valley and moors.


Take a good look at the wind turbines. I am concerned that too many land based turbines with seriously destroy the landscape of the UK. Off shore is fine, in fact good.

Navigation Tips on Oxenhope and Ogden Water walk

The biggest challenge on this walk is to find your way alongside Leeming Reservoir at the start of the walk. It is often the case that the start of the walk is most difficult.

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