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November 13, 2023

Tryfan is magnificent. It is usually voted the best mountain in Britain in any surveys. Realistically it is a scramble (many places hands on) for the best part of 2,000 feet from the shores of Llyn Ogwen. Pick your route up the face and have one of the best days in Britain.

The Walk

Tryfan is the mountain walkers really should do. It stands out like a rugged Matterhorn (the Matterhorn has more grace but similar shaped) above the shore of Loch Ogwen. Anyone driving along the A5 will have their eyes drawn to its steep slopes and anyone with a mountain bent will then try and pick up a route up the steep north face. However this is the rub, there is really no prescribed route up, it is very much do it yourself.

The Heather Terrace to the east of the mountain offers a reasonable alternative for those not wanting a steep scramble. Here the intermittent track skirts the mountain before meeting the south ridge and a scramble to the summit. However even the Heather Terrace (names can be misleading) has some exposure at times and is not straightforward.

The North Face

Most though tackle the North Face and pick their own route up. This is very much hands on scrambling with little let up. The trick is to pick a line which will not leave you stranded and where there is always an easier exit, even if it means retreating for a while. Remember going up a rock face is easier than retreating on it.

Eventually the summit is encountered amongst the shattered rock. The challenge is to leap between the two rock pillars, Adam and Eve, which again is not straightforward. Put it this way I make the jump 30 years ago but I would not now! The descent along the south ridge is still awkward over boulders but after the bealach which separates Tryfan from the Glyders the path at last improves. The return along the shores of Llyn Bochlwyd is a pleasant end to a memorable day.


If you have not had your fill of scrambling (!) after Tryfan continue beyond the bealach and climb up Bristly Ridge to join the Glyders Ridge.

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  • Patricia says:

    Can you do a guided walk up Bristly ridge, too scared to do it on my own, did it a long time ago when I was younger!

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