Dark Peak

Dark Peak

  • RefNameHeight
  • 1 Kinder Scout 2088ft 636m

    The highest summit of the Peak District. The summit is located in a large area of peat hags but the approaches are interesting and varied. It deserves attention for its size and history as the venue for the ground breaking Kinder Trespass.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 085875

  • 2 Bleaklow Head 2077ft 633m

    Bleaklow Head is a HUMP and the second highest hill in the Peak District. It is only 3 metres lower than Kinder Scout.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 094961

  • 3 Higher Shelf Stones 2041ft 622m

    Higher Shelf Stones is the best summit on Bleaklow Moor from Snake Pass. It lies on the southern edge of the plateau. Classed as a Nuttall it is one of only three hills over 2,000ft in the Peak District.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 089948

  • 4 Grindslow Knoll 1972ft 601m

    Grindslow Knoll is an attractive peak 2.5km east of Kinder Scout. It lies on the southern fringes of the Kinder plateau overlooking Edale.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 110868

  • 6 Black Hill 1909ft 582m

    Black Hill is a Marilyn and is most often visited as part of the Pennine Way. It is the high point of a flat and wide plateau with considerable peat bog. Fortunately there has been a great deal of stone slabs being laid.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 078047

  • 8 Howden Edge 1804ft 550m

    Howden Edge is a TUMP and the County Top of South Yorkshire. It is remote and lonely, situated to the north east of the Peaks. Best climbed from near Langsett Reservoir.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 188944

  • 9 Lord’s Seat 1804ft 550m

    Lord’s Seat is a TUMP and the high point of the ridge stretching west from Mam Tor. It is a higher summit than its popular neighbour and looks north across the valley to Kinder Scout.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 112835

  • 11 Back Tor 1765ft 538m

    Back Tor is a TUMP on Derwent Edge overlooking Derwent Reservoir. The Tor is 5 metres high and makes a challenging summit tick!

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 198910

  • 13 Mam Tor 1696ft 517m

    Mam Tor is a TUMP and probably the most climbed hill in the Peak District. It has a graceful grassy ridge, large rock summit and a Trig Point.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 128836

  • 18 West Nab 1644ft 501m

    West Nab is the most northerly summit in the Peak District. The summit is rocky and interesting with excellent views to the north and east.

    Summit grid ref:

    SE 076088

  • 20 Lose Hill 1562ft 476m

    Lose Hill stands at the east end of the Great Ridge of Mam Tor. It is a TUMP whose summit lies on a pleasant grassy area

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 153854

  • 24 Win Hill 1520ft 463m

    Win Hill can be seen as an impressive hill from all its neighbours. The summit is a short ridge above heather slopes and does not disappoint.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 187851

  • 26 The Tower 1509ft 460m

    The Tower is a sharp pointed peak rising just over 100ft from the valley floor. Scrambling is needed to reach the summit. A good head for heights is required on the summit. Some believe this to be the finest peak in the area.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 141914

  • 27 High Teb (Stanage Edge) 1503ft 458m

    High Neb is a TUMP and by 1 metre the highest point in the area. It lies directly above Stanage Edge.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 228854

  • 29 White Path Moss (Stanage Edge) 1499ft 457m

    White Path Moss is a TUMP at the opposite end of Stanage Edge from High Neb. The Trig Point is spectacularly perched on the summit tor.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 251830

  • 34 Higger Tor (Stanage Edge) 1424ft 434m

    Although Higger Tor does not qualify as a TUMP because its prominence is lower than 30m, it is a well known and popular summit just south of Stanage Edge. Its summit area is shaped like the top of a castle with parapets round the outside.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 257819

  • 36 Barker Bank 1398ft 426m

    Barker Bank is an unspectacular hill towards the centre of the Great Ridge. Although it is usually passed with barely a glance it is a TUMP and therefore worthy of the listing.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 139846

  • 37 Bamford Moor 1398ft 426m

    Bamford Moor is a TUMP close to Stanage Edge and directly above the village of Bamford.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 211847

  • 39 Shatton Edge 1368ft 417m

    Shatton Edge is a TUMP. The summit is unmarked and lies on Abney Moor within access land.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 194807

  • 48 Bridge-end Pasture 1286ft 392m

    Bridge-end Pasture is a TUMP lying within farmland north west of Crook Hill. There is a public right of way over the summit

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 176879

  • 52 Crook Hill 1253ft 382m

    Crook Hill is a hill with twin summits situated above Ladybower Reservoir. The northern summit is highest and is a TUMP.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 182872