White Peak West

White Peak West

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  • 7 Axe Edge Moor 1808ft 551m

    Axe Edge Moor is a TUMP just south west of Buxton and the fifth highest summit in the list. It is on high moorland with the best views to the south and east.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 035706

  • 15 Shutlingsloe 1660ft 506m

    Shutlingsloe is a distinctive, steep sided hill near the village of Wildboarclough in Cheshire, sometimes known as the ‘Matterhorn of the Peak District’. It is a fine hill, a HUMP (over 100m prominence), and many people’s favourite hill in the area.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 976696

  • 16 The Roaches 1657ft 505m

    The Roaches is a HUMP well known for its west facing cliffs, popular with rock climbers. The Roaches is the defining hill in the south west Peak near Leek. The full traverse is rated 53 i the best '100 walks in Britain'.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 001639

  • 25 Ramshaw Rocks 1509ft 460m

    Ramshaw Rocks is a TUMP with some very unusual rock formations. It is part of the excellent traverse of the Roaches rocky ridge, one of the most popular walks in the Peak District.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 020624

  • 33 Grin Low, Buxton 1424ft 434m

    Grin Low is a TUMP close to the centre of Buxton. It is a straightforward walk from the car park at Poole Cavern to the Tower on its summit.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 054718

  • 43 Hen Cloud, the Roaches 1345ft 410m

    Hen Cloud is a fine hill. It is a TUMP and a close neighbour of the Roaches. There is rock climbing on its western side but a lovely hill for all.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 009616

  • 44 Revidge 1316ft 401m

    Revidge is a TUMP overlooking the hills round Hartington and the Manifold Valley. The summit area is surrounded by heather and has impressive views.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 077599

  • 45 Gradbach Hill 1309ft 399m

    Gradbach Hill is a TUMP and close neighbour of the Roaches. Its defining feature is the Yawning Stone, situated very close to the summit.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 001653

  • 50 The Gun 1263ft 385m

    The Gun is one of five Marilyns (hills with 150m or more prominence) on this listing. It is also one of the easiest summits to reach.

    Summit grid ref:

    SK 970615

  • 67 The Cloud 1125ft 343m

    The Cloud lies on the border between Cheshire and Staffordshire and is one of only five Marilyns (hills with prominence of 150m or more) in the Peak District area. The summit is on National Trust land.

    Summit grid ref:


    Explorer 268

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