Where is this walk?

A walk at Housesteads – the Scots side

March 6, 2024

Housesteads Fort is probably the best preserved and popular of all the forts along Hadrian’s Wall. A fine way to explore beyond the fort is to explore the lands to the north around the beautiful Bromlee Lough (lake). It is quiet and offers an interesting perspective from the Scots side as they advanced on the wall.

The Walk

Many visit the fort at Housesteads. Some venture a few 100 yards along the Wall, usually to the west but few travel further. This walk however heads north from the wall (where it meets the Pennine Way) and heads in to the Scots country (it was in the past). After a short while a track leaves the Pennine Way and circles Bromlee Lough. Lough, meaning lake, is an attractive place. Whilst on the track to the north of the lake it is worth venturing on to the nearby hillocks to get some good views over the lake towards the wall. For anyone who watched Game of Thrones it will certainly bring it to life.

The return to Hadrian’s Wall is via the buildings at Sewing Shields. On this section of the wall, which does undulate considerably(!), there are some wonderful views to the north from the trig point at Sewing Shields Crags. Enroute is Milecastle 35, a well preserved mini fort. A Roman mile is a little shorter than a modern mile and was introduced in AD29 by Agrippa.

Housesteads Fort

The car park and cafe are run by the National Park. However Housesteads Fort and surrounding areas are run by English Heritage on land owned by the National Trust. Your National Trust card gets you in to the museum and the remains of the fort but does not help with the car park.

Navigation Tips on the Walk at Housesteads

The walk to the north of Housesteads is through low rolling land. It offers lots of opportunity to leave the official path and venture on to one of many great viewing places. These are all on access land (so you are free to go there) with good views over the lake and cliffs which protect the wall itself. Take your picnic and enjoy a full day out.

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