Where is this walk?

A Walk in Studley Royal deer park

November 7, 2022

A walk in Studley Royal deer park is a lovely way to spend some time. There are over 500 deer roaming the park which has some lovely rolling countryside, impressive historical buildings and the lovely River Skell to explore.

The Walk

Studley Park is a large, well maintained, old royal hunting ground set near Fountain’s Abbey. The River Skell runs through the park, creating a lovely contrast to the wider open park itself. There is also a lake, a fine stable block, St Mary’s Church and the infamous obelisk. The views from the church are impressive, looking all the way towards Ripon cathedral and the surrounding countryside.

I started the walk from outside Ripon (although it is easy, if a little longer, to start from the town itself) at the Studley Royal Garden Centre where there is parking and a cafe to await your return. From here pass through the pretty settlement of Studley Royal (no sign of the sewage works marked on the map although I did not look too hard) and on to the avenue. You are free to wander within this area of he park, wide open spaces and ancient trees predominate. I headed towards the lake from the obelisk and joined the track alongside the River Skell, a pretty path over pack horse bridges and ancient woodland.


A visit to Ripon cathedral is a must.

Navigation Tips on the walk in Studley Royal

If you look on an O/S map the area of the park has a yellow background to it. It is therefore access land. Therefore you can leave the right of way and enjoy finding our own piece of parkland.

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