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Burnmoor and Blea Tarns in Eskdale

October 24, 2022

The rugged nature of the land which circles Eskdale is perfect for the formation of a tarns (mountain lakes). This walk links 3 or even 4 in a peaceful circuit that also visits the rarely visited Miterdale.

The area between Wasdale and Eskdale is a wonderful place to explore. I had never even heard of Miterdale when we headed off on a circular of adventure. Mountain tarns were the main target and we found 3 and could easily have included Eel Tarn on our return. I was accompanied by Sadie and Michelle who are wild swimmers and were duly impressed when we arrived at Blea Tarn. Nestled cosily between steeper, rugged land it looked good but myself and Holly the collie were not tempted. Sadie and Michelle were and found a pleasant ‘beach’ to launch themselves in to the tarn.

Miterdale was quiet as expected. To the western end logging had affected the landscape but further east the valley narrowed in to a classic V shaped valley. It was interesting, different with a lovely surprise when bursting out of the valley and being presented with the Burnmoor Tarn with Scafell looming large beyond. Burnmoor Tarn is one of the largest natural tarns in the Lake District with an outdoor centre/ex fishing lodge dominating the southern end. The return to Boot in Eskdale can be made via Eel Tarn but we took the slightly quicker route skirting the flanks of Boat Haw.


Sadie and Michelle enjoyed their swim in Blea Tarn. They seemed less keen on Burnmoor but I am sure they will return.

Navigation Tips on Burnmoor and Blea Tarns

The crossing between Blea Tarn and Miterdale is a good navigation test. There are a number of paths on the ground and only one is useful. The green dashed Right of Way is almost impossible to follow and heads in the wrong direction anyway. The black dashed path on the ground skirting Siney Tarn is the one. Just make sure you have an orientated map and a good compass bearing and you will be fine. It is easy to get led to the west.

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  • Sadie and Michele says:

    The swim in Blea Tarn was lovely. Burnmoor was just a bit big but the scenery was stunning. Would thoroughly recommend this walk with or without the swim.

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