Where is this walk?

Conwy Mountain

October 7, 2020

Conwy Mountain and its two neighbours overlook Conwy Bay and the North Wales Coast. The views are superb. In many ways they form the foothills of the higher mountains of Snowdonia to the south.

The Walk

I have driven past Conwy Mountain (Mynydd y Dref) many times on the A55 but never stopped to tread its slopes. The Welsh name for the mountain is Mynydd y Dref  which is translated as Mountain of the Town and cements the relationship the mountain has always had with Conwy. In fact it is a range of three hills (including Penmaen-bach and Allt Wen) which are all linked by a good network of paths. The land rolls rather than climbs through the heather intermixed with small rocky outcrops. It is tame compared to the mountains to the north but a must for anyone staying locally or has a spare few hours.

Everyone will be intrigued by the obvious archaeological remains on all three hills. I have certainly never seen more obvious remains of Iron Age hill forts on my walking. This is particularly surprising as the Romans did not settle here, all remains are from an earlier age. My biggest surprise though was the wild horses that roamed the slopes of Conwy Mountain, a pleasant reminder of nature at its best.


The walk on Conwy Mountain is wonderful for a family staying locally. It is safe, the paths excellent and at all times full of interest. Any parent who is trying to encourage their children in to the outdoors should walk here…and bring some sweets.

Navigation Tips on Conwy Mountain

The walk is on access land. It also has many sheep (horse!) tracks. Make your own way along the tracks, hunting out the best views and quietest spots. Do not be tempted to miss Allt Wen, the furthest west of the three hills, it is a gorgeous mini summit.

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