Where is this walk?

Embsay Reservoir and Embsay Crag

November 22, 2019

I think this is my most enjoyable walk near Skipton, a walk round Embsay Reservoir and a short climb to Embsay Crag.

The Walk

The summit of is really a jumble of gritstone rocks. It is an excellent place to perch and survey the surrounding area. To the south lies Skipton and the Airdale Valley stretching in to the distance. The views north are very different with the wild moors of Embsay Moor climbing high above the crag.

At your feet lies Embsay Reservoir. Embsay Reservoir is a small reservoir serving the local area and was built in 1909. It nearly floods the Cotton Mill on its northern banks where the workers on the reservoir stayed. Today the reservoir is the home of the Craven Sailing Club neatly bringing together the areas more recent history. The growth of Skipton accelerated with the mills necessitating the need for more water until the mills declined and tourism became the main earner for the area.

The walk itself is easy, varied and pleasant. The short climb of Embsay Crag is definitely worth doing.


There is a a small pool just off the bridlepath to the north of the reservoir. It is a quiet spot on an often busy walk. Find it!

Navigation Tips

This is simple to follow but venture further north from Embsay Crag and you will enter one of the more remote Dales moors.

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