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Walk over Embsay Moor

May 29, 2018

A walk over Embsay Moor includes a chunk of rough walking on tracks and paths. It passes Rylstone Cross and the Cracoe Monument as well as enjoying good views towards the Barden Reservoirs.

The Walk

Embsay Moor is a large area of moorland to the north of Skipton. Not only is it large but much of the moorland is rough. However there are a number of tracks and paths which have been made by the grouse shooters. This makes the access good in places but unfortunately they are often leading nowhere useful for the hapless walker. There are some good paths along the western escarpment and one leading towards the the Barden Reservoirs. Leave the tracks, which is necessary when you drop down to Barden Reservoirs, can be tiring.

What is undeniable on any walk over Embsay Moor is that the remote setting makes for an exhilarating experience. The wide open spaces and 360 degree views from Embsay Crag, Rylstone Cross and the Cracoe War Memorial are a definite highlight. The Cross and War memorial overlook the pretty villages of Rylstone, Linton and Cracoe and have an interesting story to tell. The return via the Bardon Reservoirs is bleak but worthwhile to give a proper feel for this wild setting.


To the north east of the Cracoe War Memorial is Thorpe Fell. This is a Marilyn for us baggers but a rough crossing lies between. Best leave Thorpe Fell and tackle it from the north.

Navigation Tips on Embsay Moor

In bad weather this is compass country. Even if you stick to paths misty conditions can be disconcerting. Without a compass it is easy to lose confidence in the direction you are going. Take bearings on the tracks you are following.

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  • Loved this walk, especially as it is so close to me. It’s even better early morning, just as the sun is rising, without anybody about. The quietness of the moorlands is very special at the time in the morning.

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